carnosine benefits

Dose: 500-2000mg/day

Anti Aging supplements

Anti Aging supplements

Carnosine is one of the best known anti age supplements. It makes cells young again!

First of all; Carnosine is an AGE inhibitor

AGE's are Advanced Glyemic End-products.
They ruin your skin and veins among other. Causing wrinkles, atherosclerosis and many age related illnesses.

Carosine also helps repair old mitochondria.
It is neuroprotective and prevents amyloid plaque build up.
It prevents hearing loss and aids cancer treatment.

As if that was not enough, it also speed up wound healing, is anti depressant and liver protective.


  • Helps repair mitochondria
  • Anti aging
  • AGE inhibitor(preventing atherosclerosis, wrinkles and atherosclerosis related heart disease)
  • Prevents dementia by preventing amyloid plaque build up
  • Prevent hearing loss
  • Helps aid cancer treatment
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Is an anti depressant
  • Has liver protective properties

Carnosine is produced in our muscles when we exercise. It is a di-peptid ot the amino acids Histidine og Alanine. Alanine being the limiting factor. Your can increase your body's production by upping the intake of Beta-Alanine.

You can also buy Carnosine.
The body will break it down into Histindine and Alanine and rebuild it in your muscles.


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