Why should I exercise?

Why should I exercise

We all know exercise is good for you.
But: few knows how crucial our day to day activity is if you want to stay youthful, healthy and beautiful.


When you work out you break down muscle fiber.
Sounds brutal, but its a good thing! Your body will now rebuild your muscles, stronger.
Your body's maintenance systems are activated. Your body recon you need to be stronger than you were before your workout and shapes you up to get fit for(the next) fight.

When you do not use your body, it starts to decay!
Inactivity actually makes your body rot away..

If your body does not think you need your muscles it will "eat" them.
You get muscle loss, Sarcopenia.

Benefits of exercise


Did you know:

When you use your muscles they produce carnosine.

one of the best anti age compounds known!



Benefits of exercising:

  • You get a better immune defense
  • You get a healthier brain
  • You get more energy
  • Your metabolism increases
  • Your bones grow stronger
  • Exercise inhibits cancer growth
  • Your digestive system gets more effective
  • You get strong and fit
  • You get bigger muscles
  • You get a healthy, strong heart
  • You will get better confidence
  • You get a sense of achievement
  • You get happy
  • You get younger





Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle:

  • You gain weight
  • Your attitude and pose worsen
  • You let cancer feast in your body
  • You get sagging skin
  • Your cognitive abilities diminishes
  • You get constipated
  • You become weak
  • Your become ill
  • Your quality of life decreases
  • You get osteoporosis
  • Your arteries stiffen
  • Your heart weakens