Theories about aging: AGE: Advanced Glycemic End-product


What are AGE's?

AGE are highly damaging components arrived from a non enzymatic reaction between reducing sugar and fat or protein like DNA and collagen.

They bind to our tissue, comprimising its function.
This reaction happens continuously inside your body.
The end-products, AGE, contribute to atherosclerosis, wrinkles, Alzheimer among a few. In addition to general aging of the human body.

Ongoing research studies ways of breaking these.
Treatment is not in hand today and finding a cure may take years.

But you can limit the formation by reducing your carbohydrate intake and taking AGE inhibitors.

Exercise is a good way to alleviate blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar levels can influence the amount of AGE formed.
Stable blood sugar levels helps reduce AGE formation.

AGE inhibitors are compounds found to inhibit the formation of AGE.

List of AGE Inhibitorer:

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