Theories about aging: Accumulation of "junk"


Your body accumulates junk over the years.
Despite it's amazing capability to dispose of unwanted metabolites and toxins!

We are not talking about wage, unknown "toxins" that a quick and easy detox could rid you of.

These are hands on and very real.
And they do great damage.

We know this junk as:

  • Amyloid Plaque damaging the brain leading to dementia.
  • Lipofuscin damaging your vision leading to vision loss and blindness
  • Oxidized cholesterol in your cardiovascular immune cells, one of the assumed reasons for arteriosclerosis. Leading to heart failure, anurisms and stroke.

These are all natural bi products of our metabolism.
But the body's "cleaning systems" are unable to remove these successfully.

Blueberry(bilberry to be precise) extract may have a certain protective effect against the formation of all of the above. This effect is presumed to be from the compound "Pterostilbene", also found in almonds and cherries, among others.

Antioxidants and AGE inhibitors will also, to some extent, prevent this formation from happening.

Researchers are trying to compose a vaccine to reduce amyloid plaque build up.
They also hope to be able to use enzymes to reduce Lipofucine and that certain bacteria might be used as a possible treatment.

We will just have to wait and see.
While taking every precaution.

The future looks bright!



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