ALCAR, anti aging amino acid

ALCAR, anti aging amino acid

Carnitine "ALCAR" health benefits

Dose: 500-2000mg a day

Carnitine - or ALCAR for short - is an amino acid.

When ingested it will reduce the oxidation of fat inside your cells. It also encourages your body to burn fat.
Carnitine prevents Alzheimer/Dementia.
It does this by inhibiting the formation of amyloid plaque inside your brain.

Furthermore it also stimulates your body to start repairing nerve tissue and to produce new nerve cells. Carnitine gives you energy through increasing mitochondrial capacity.
It helps against chronic fatigue, gives alertness and focus and helps you deal with stress easier. It strengthens your blood vessels and cardiac health and increase insulin sensitivity.

To top it of also increase male fertility and helps support your immune system!


Let's do a quick summary:

  • Reduce fat oxidation

  • Anti Aging

  • Burns fat

  • Prevents dementia

  • Repairs nerve tissue

  • Help produce nerve cells

  • Makes you focused and alert

  • Increase energy level

  • Helps you handle stress

  • Strengthens blood vessels

  • Increase insulin sensitivity

  • Increase fertility

  • Boost immune system

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